9-year-old sister, screaming with pain, Brother think that she is playing a game


There is a very surprising news from Madhya Pradesh of Indore which is very serious. According to the report here, some children were playing virtual games in a Mall TI (Treasure Island), in which the family could not know what was going on inside, a 9-year-old between so much noise The girl suddenly screams a lot, then her 12-year-old brother present, seeing such a screaming of her 9-year-old sister.

Indeed, this 9-year-old innocent girl was not screaming because of the game, but the reason for her screaming was something else. This innocent child was screaming for this because a mall employee took the girl along with her to a mall and started dancing with that girl, she began to shout with innocent pain and started shouting loudly, as many people were there.

In a little while, this child came to her mother’s womb and started crying very well, seeing the condition of her, all the people who were asleep, that mall employee had fiercely smoked and her mother hit her too, but The truth is that the mall employee crossed the entire limit of shamelessness, the name of the abusive person is Arjuna, after beating him, the people handed him over to the police.

Updated: March 14, 2018 — 3:41 am

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